December 17, 2008


after being M.I.A for almost a month, now we're back with more stuff, especially that Xmas is juz around the corner.... So, merry Xmas y'all!!! n Happy Shopping with FLS!!! muahsss..

duAL toNe

wanna look like a cutie? this is the way.... Wear this... hehehe... it comes in two (2) colors,
Lilac/ Purple

Green/ Black

Lilac/ Purple - S (1 pc AVAILABLE, 1 pc SOLD)
M (1 pc)
Green/ Black - S (1 pc)
M (1 pc)
Size S
Width: 30 inches
Length: 32.5 inches (from back collar)
Size M
Width: 32 inches
Length: 33 inches
Remarks: Side pockets & zip at the back
This is urs for only RM57

deNim dreSs

Denim... an all time favourite, regardless whether it's a skirt, pants or dress. Even the celebrities are wearing it. Leighton Meester stays kewl on the set of Gossip Girl in an empire line cut denim dress...
We too have sumtin similar...


Even the strap is kewl.... it's braided....

dont worry whether u can fit in this dress or not, coz it is smocked at the back...

Size: Free Size (fits XS, S & small M)

Width: 28 inches

Length: 33 inches (from the strap)

Material: Stretchable denim

This is urs for only RM41

tops & tops & more topsssss...

Tops n more tops... we girls do need a lot of tops for all occasions...

Note: sorry for the quality of the pictures. if u need a clearer pictures, do sms or email FLS

This is urs for only RM24 (Top A), RM24 (Top B), RM22 (Top C)


This is the time of the year when we need a bag... i mean a really big bag.. some might ask, wat for? what else... S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!!!.... it can be used to store all the great goodies... YeaY!!!
  • Brown Bag (SOLD)

**Outside view**

**Inside view**

Width - 15.5 inches

2 zippers which connect to the same inside compartment

  • Orange Bag

**Outside View**

**Inside View**

Width - 14.5 inches

..Strap is adjustable by tying a knot at the end of the strap..

This is urs for only RM45 (each)

Bangles & Bracelets

Our first accessories for our beloved customers....
(From left to right)
Silver sQuare - RM20
Gold & Red (12 pcs as 1 set) - RM20
Union Jack - RM20
Black, Yellow & Green (1 set) - RM20

November 7, 2008

^^^FLS NEWS^^^

Dear our beloved customers... Thanx 2 one of our customers who brought this matter to our attention. She mentioned that our postage fee is too high compared to other online boutiques. So, after doing some 'research', we have to admit tat it is true. Therefore, we have revised the fee from rm8 to rm6. However, the fee for the special delivery still remains the same, RM8. For your information, we have our personal messanger who delivers the item(s) to u directly... safely & 100% confirm 2reach ur hand within the same day. so, u dont have to wait few days to get ur item(s). but this only applicable to certain areas only....


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